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ZebraDesigner Pro White Papers. ZebraLink™ Solutions for Enhancing Zebra® Printer Business Integration This white paper introduces the ZebraLink software, firmware, and connectivity components, and shows how to maximize performance and value from Zebra printers.

ZebraDesigner Pro v2 barcode label design software makes creating complex labels based on fixed or variable data simple. With ZebraDesigner Pro v2, you enhance your. Please input captcha to take your serial number. 700 game snes. View in text. Smart Projects IsoBuster Pro v2.2.

Bar Code Printing from Oracle® WMS and MSCA This white paper describes both the XML middleware and XML direct-connect bar code printing options for Oracle WMS and MSCA offered by Zebra Technologies, explains Oracle’s output methods for each, and provides guidance as to when each approach is best suited to a particular environment. Tips for RFID Smart Label Printing/Encoding This paper presents best practices for RFID smart label media selection, handling, label placement and printer settings, operations and troubleshooting, based on Zebra’s experience from hundreds of successful implementations. The tips apply to Electronic Product Code (EPC) smart labels and other forms of RFID technology.

Solving International Label Printing Challenges with Unicode™ Zebra’s Unicode-compliant Global Printing Solution. Zebra Bar Code Solution for Oracle® Retail Store Inventory Management Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management provides a flexible label-printing architecture through Oracle Business Intelligence, and the ZebraLink™ Enterprise Connector enables you to comply with your customer-labeling requirements.

Zebradesigner Windows 10

This white paper elaborates on the configuration of Oracle Retail Returns and Shelf Labeling standards using Zebra Technologies’ bar code printer products. Innovative Bar Code and RFID Printing Solutions for SAP Users How to make the software and printer speak the same language stood as the primary challenge confront¬ing users of SAP applications. To solve this challenge, SAP and Zebra teamed up to deliver bar code and RFID labeling solutions that speak the same language—ZPL. Bar Coding 101.What You Need to Know Manufacturing companies have been using bar coding in shipping and receiving operations for more than 30 years. How Printing from iPad® Enhances the Shopping Experience This white paper provides an overview of iPad-based retail self-service kiosk and mobile printing applications, and shows the significant benefits the technology delivers. The paper also discusses how retailers can use the ZebraLink™ Multiplatform Software Development Kit (SDK) to create applications that can print coupons, receipts, gift registry lists, and more from the iPad and other smartphone platforms.

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Topic or Information The license key for activating your ZebraDesigner Pro v2 software can be found in one of two places. This is dependent on how the license key was purchased. Applies To ZebraDesigner Pro v2, ZebraDesigner for XML v2, ZebraDesigner for MySAP v2 Details If the software was purchased as a hard copy coming with the disc you will find the license key on a sticker within the box and possibly on the purchase order.

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If the license was purchased online you will receive a verification email containing the license key for the software. Please keep this key safe and on record as lost license keys are not recoverable and a new license will need to be purchased. Version 1 of the software is discontinued and no longer available. Support has also ended for this software. The solution is to upgrade to Version 2 of the software. This is not a free upgrade and does require a new license to be purchased.

Any label files created with Version 1 should work with Version 2. Current license keys should be in the format of 756-123456 where the 156 is unique to the license that it is associated with. If you are going to be moving the the license from one PC to another you need to ensure that you 'Internet Deactivate' your license using the License Manager software that installs with the application. Note: If a PC crashes or becomes no longer accessible to perform a deactivation on the license, install the current version of the of the software on the PC you intend on using the software on and provide the license key to Zebra Technical Support via submitting a support request in the following link.