Windows Vista Wpa2 Hotfix

Nov 01, 2005 Generic Company Place Holder Windows XP WPA2 Hot Fix KB893357 To comment on this article and other PCWorld content. A hotfix for Windows Installer is available for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008.

Windows Vista Wpa2 Problem

I recently upgraded my wireless router to a Linksys 400N N-series wireless router. I'm using WPA Personal / TKP to authenticate and on all of my XP and Vista machines I have been able to enter the security credentials and connect to the network.

However, on one Windows Vista SP2 machine I am being prompted for a User Name/Password/Logon Domain whenever I try and connect to the Network. It should be prompting me for my passphrase and that's it. This same adapter was working fine as WEP when I using my old wireless router. I have removed this wireless adapter from the Network and Sharing Center, ensured that the machine is part of the domain, uninstalled the wireless adapter (which is also a Linksys product), ensured the latest version of the driver and tried just about all the troubleshooting tricks I can think of. I've seen this identified as a problem in a few threads but no definitive resolution.

String section instruments. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated (no suggestions to buy a Mac tho!). Update: - Well after alot more troubleshooting I've determined that this is definitely a Windows Vista problem.

Windows Vista Wpa2 Not Working

If I plug a different adapter into the computer (that works on a different computer) I get the same problem. I was on the phone with Linksys for an hour and and they basically threw in the towel and gave me a RMA for their adapter, although I doubt that will solve the problem. Is there some registy entry for defining the type of authentication for a wireless adapter? It seems like Vista keeps thinking that this is the wrong authentication mechanism. Is it possible to 'repair' the wireless service in Windows?

OK, I think the real issue is that this Windows Vista does not have the WPA2 security type to select (which is what the router is broadcasting). Is there a way to enter this somehow?


It seems that Windows determines the available security types based on the driver information for the wireless adapter. However, I'm using a Linksys Wireless-G USB Adapter (WUSBG54) and it says it supports WPA (although I can't determine if that's WPA only or WPA2 as well). Anyway, hope this additional information helps anyone who has a few cycles to provide some guidance.