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Huge apologies if this is in wrong section Quick'ish question: My dropbox and a few other things relay on my user name having full control over the Temp folder (C: Users Username AppData Local Temp). But when I add my user name to the security list of that folder, I then restart the computer and something keeps changing it back (removing my username) How do I run a log that can check what programs / service is changing it back Addition Info: Windows 7 Pro X64 My user name is set to be an admin Cheers Rusty. This is very odd. I would expect the Security tab to have your username, the 'Administrators' group and the 'System' group with full permissions, but not the 'Everyone' user group. Have you tried System Restore or a system file check since this problem started?

Otherwise, as a quick test you could create a temporary user and see if that retains the correct folder security settings after a restart. This would help narrow the problem down to either a user-specific issue or a system-wide issue. It's past midnight this side of the world now, so I need to go examine the insides of my eyelids for a few hours before work in the morning. I'll check back for replies in the morning, in the mean time I'd recommend trying a and a virus scan to be safe. If you're familiar with what apps are needed at startup, perhaps check with and see if there's anything suspicious included in the system startup. Edit: Another quick thought, make sure your user account is set as the owner of the temp folder, from my experience Windows doesn't much like a non-owner changing security settings for files or folders.

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Mar 08, 2013 I assume you are talking about the folder c: windows temp. I see in my virgin Windows 7 that SYSTEM has full control, Administrators have full control. I clearly have write problems to this folder, I changed write permissions on the Temp folder but I still get this error. (Windows Vista).

Vista Temp Folder Permissions

Temp Folder Permissions Windows 10

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