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Here are more free and exclusive vector business card design templates with our 3 sets of Adobe Illustrator vector business card templates with vector patterns. 22,298 Best Business card free vector download for commercial use in ai, eps, cdr, svg vector illustration graphic art design card template, business.

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Know Exactly who you are Designing it for Ask yourself questions about the company, what type is it? Is it an advertising company?

Or is it a fashion design brand? Different businesses require different features, like in the above example, an advertising company would usually go with more space and a bigger font to get their company name and contact details across and less emphasis on other elements. While a fashion design company would give more importance to creation and have more striking fonts as compared to just a plain approach. All Design and No Readability Show Poor Quality Another important factor is readability. The card would lack quality if all it has is design value and you are unable to make heads or tails of what is written on it. It is incredibly important to have 10 out of 10 people know exactly what is printed on the card to promote your company name.

Using clearer and precise fonts help generate coherent words. Some important Designing Elements to Keep in Mind.

Keep the business card clutter free, no one likes to see walls of texts. It is a business card, so keep only the important details in like name, designation, contact details etc. It is a good idea to add a QR code to refer back to the company website for more information. Taglines must be small enough not to hinder the company name and big enough to be clearly read. effects add style to the card. Consider embossing them.

Keeping the most important information away from the edges of the cards will prevent them from being cut off during a printing process. Card thickness plays a role, the thicker the better the impression. Colors used should be easy to the eyes and complement each other. The Type of Fonts you should be Using Fonts have one purpose and that is to catch the reader’s attention in a unique and personal way. You should be using fonts to create a strong yet simplistic approach to drawing attention with a business card. Impact Bold, dark and perfect to convey power without shying away. This takes an ‘in your face’ approach and pretty much stands out in the open.

It shows a lot of clarity. Garamond At first glance, this font gives the impression of subtlety over substance. Great for keeping it simple and classy. Century Gothic Everything about this font points to style. It is a font that is quite preferred by people who prefer a larger text with the touch of elegance. Rockwell Is not too bold and not too subtle but at the perfect balance of things. It’s also great to showcase a sort of a gritty demeanor.

Fonts to Actively avoid Using for any Commercial Purposes Certain fonts only cause confusion and just feel out of place when you use them. It is extremely important to avoid using fonts that curve all around and make the reader guess twice what the card is trying to convey. Try to avoid using fonts such as Arial, Comic Sans, Times New Roman, etc. These are basic and completely bore the reader. Why the Color of a Card Plays an Important Role?

Card color brings a psychological effect on a business and often conveys a theme depending on your brand. Let’s understand them with some of the follow-ups. White brings a standardized look to the business role and is often the most widely used and preferred color that businesses go with.

It is a safe bet and you can never go wrong with it. brings a rich and more refined taste to the table. It lets the clients know that they are dealing with someone that has a finer taste in life for things to come. Black is a sophisticated color that completely draws the attention of the reader. It is usually accompanied by a silver or gold print to complement it. Gray symbolizes trust and reliability and is often seen in law firms.

Pink showcases delicacy and grace. It is usually targeted at a female audience. It could go well with beauty salons and spas. Graphical Templates: The Process of Creating Great Design If you choose to Digitally Design the card using graphical templates. They are an array of widely found designs but trust us to guide you through to picking some of the most popular collections to help you design your way. If you want something along the lines of casual but formal, the Sine-wave template is your pick. If you prefer to add a more natural touch, The Holistic Lotus is what you are looking for.

A more traditional setup? Try the Cool Rustic Business template as well as the Professional Vintage Art Deco template. For a more in-trend approach, the Modern Corporate template and if you prefer a more colorful template, you can’t miss the Florist Business template.

Blunders to Prevent when Designing Business Cards Stick with the formula of ‘Never fix what isn’t broken’. Avoid designing large cards, stick to the 3.5 by 2” rule. It is a good idea to use eye-friendly colors and not colors that would seem like it was a greeting card. The print should never be small, what can’t be read is a lost opportunity. Enough of the Front, what about Behind the Card?

Business Cards Custom Design

Vector Business Card Designs

Most people leave it blank, others prefer a quote to inspire confidence, some put the logo of their company. It is also a good idea to link a QR code that leads to the website of the company for people to gain additional information without having to search. Creativity is the key to all the success Ultimately, it is up to the designer to come up with unique and thoughtful designs to conjure up the right taste catered to each individual or business. Never stop to be creative but also never experiment beyond your control. A business card is not only a to someone’s brand but it is the first impression about them. It speaks about their taste, character and their personality, all this in a few seconds of looking at it.

Continuing our series of free vector business card design templates, we’re bringing you some fresh and exclusive designs. Today we’re giving away three Adobe Illustrator vector business card templates with vector patterns.

Vector Free Designs

Previously we shared with you 2 sets with our and. If you haven’t seen these freebies yet, please check them out. These Illustrator vector templates are in standard 3 x 2.5 in.

Size business cards, retro verso in full color. These template designs can be easily modified from Illustrator. Each link contains two vector files, Adobe Illustrator (CS6) ai and EPS. Download links are provided below each item. It would be great if you would let us know how you were able to use them. And if you will be spreading the word about these design freebies, please link to this page.

Free Vector Business Card Design Templates–Illustrator Vector Patterns #1 Download link: Free Vector Business Card Design Templates–Illustrator Vector Patterns #2 Download link: Free Vector Business Card Design Templates–Illustrator Vector Patterns #3 Download link.