The King Of Fighters Xiii Steam Edition Crack Only Left

Launch OptionsKOFXIIISE has a couple of launch options designed to resolve some issues that have been experienced on some PCs. Available launch options are as follows:. '-w' - Forces the game to open in windowed mode. '-v' - Removes all videos from game (workaround for codec crashes. More information below in the 'Game crashes after SNK Playmore logo' section). '-r' - Forces frame limiting (game may take a performance hit, but can help lock your game to 60fps.

The King Of Fighters Xiii Steam Edition

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More information below in the 'Help! Game runs super fast!'

Section). '-a' - Do not disable Aero (Game normally disables the Aero theme automatically whilst you play for performance reasons. '-a' leaves Aero on) How do you set launch options?

1) Right-click on THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII STEAM EDITION in your Steam library and select 'Properties' 2) A window should pop up. There, click 'Set Launch Options.' 3) Another window will pop up. There you can enter your launch options. Launch options can be combined! Just separate them with a space.

For example: '-v -w' (without quotes) will force windowed mode and remove all videos from the game. My game runs super fast!So some people may experience their game running at super fast speeds. If you come across this issue, there are a couple of things you can do:. KOFXIIISE runs best on monitors with a refresh rate of 60hz. Try setting your monitor to this. People have reported that launching KOFXIIISE directly from the kofxiii.exe file helps.

Check out this thread for more info:. Running the game in fullscreen can often force 60fps (ie. Normal game speed).

Setting the '-r' launch option (see the 'Launch Options' section above). FPS issues or slow gameplaySome PCs may experience FPS issues or slow gameplay.

The king of fighters xiii steam edition

Especially on busier levels such as the London or USA levels. There are a few things you can do to help keep KOFXIIISE running at a constant 60fps:. Using the 'Fixed' frame rate method will activate frame skips which will allow your game to run at regular speed. Online play is always rendered using the Fixed frame rate method. Setting backgrounds to 'Static' will drastically reduce processing, thus increasing your FPS. Try running the game in windowed mode.

Game crashes after SNK Playmore logoThis is most likely due to a video codec issue. Fortunately, there are a few workarounds available!. Firmware e 171 Official Microsoft Windows Media Player codecs are required to run the videos in KOFXIIISE. If you haven't installed Windows Media Player, or have an old version, consider upgrading/installing it. This should give you the required codecs. if issues still persist, consider using the '-v' (without quotes) launch option.

This will remove all videos from the game thus allowing you to skip over them without crashing. Player Record data not appearingThe Player Record data display is currently experiencing some issues that we are looking to resolve.

However, the data is all there in the Steam cloud. One way to force your data to update is to create an online Player Match room. This will update your records. Also, your true 'Times Used' character statistic will only display for characters you use in an online match this play session. The information is being stored correctly, there are just experiencing some issues with the display of it.

Hello everyone! Release v1.4 is here! Be sure to update your game on Steam. It should do so automatically (as long as you are not playing a game). But you can also double check to see if your version has updated by navigating to your KOFXIII local files in Steam, and looking for a file called 'release-v1-4.txt' (it should be in the same directory as your 'kofxiii.exe' file). This update includes: - Automatic disabling of the Aero theme whilst kofxiii.exe is running (this increases performance and stability - you can use '-a' to stop disabling Aero Thanks Sir Miggoh =P) - Start up crashes addressed v1.4b: - Spanish text on results screen after an online match were Italian. This has been fixed!

We believe the start up crashes were due to issues with save files. We believe we may have found the cause. So please test, and let us know. Just like the v1.4 BETA, i get a minor freeze at the main title screen, everything else looks fine. Loading freezes appear to be gone, but there still some sprites looking weird (Raiden, Joe and Hwa forehead area, Takuma alt.

Karate, Yuri alt. Costume), and the white line in the middle of the Destroyed Stadium.EDIT: i get minor freezes on loading screen in Time Trial, nothing huge, but just a little 3 or 4 seconds stop. Also, i've been noticing some input delay in offline mode, just like i mentioned in v1.4 BETA.