Super Bomberman 5 For Pc


. Battle stages 11, 12 and 13 This requires Hudson's Super Joycard controller. Have the X switch on the controller set to the middle and on the title screen hold X for about 6 seconds. A sound will confirm on success. These are the same stages found on the gold cartridge.

In order to play this SNES ROM, you must first download an Emulator.

Boss Character Passwords for Config Battle Mode Have you ever wanted to play as carbon copies of the Fiendish Bombers in Config Battle Mode, but disliked how the game limited your palette and item selection choices? Well, with these passwords, you can play as versions of the bosses with their correct palettes and all the Power-Ups they have when you fight them!

(However, they still can't use their special moves, such as throwing Power-Downs or summoning enemies.). = Gold Bomberman has maxed out Bombs, Fire-Ups, Speed, and holds the Remote Control, Soft Block and Bomb Pass, Power Glove, and Punch Glove items.


He's the equivalent of a fully-powered Single Player character. = Subordinate Bomber's portrait is glitchy and will put junk graphics on the status bar, but this won't effect gameplay. Books pdf torrent. Do no let him win a Single Match or he will crash the game. He's perfectly safe to use in a Tag Match though.

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Super Bomberman 5 Rom

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