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  • The Yamaha PSR-S750 is packed with amazing Voices, Styles and comprehensive features to help you create, arrange, perform and record your music in any genre.
  • Yamaha Keyboard Styles. You to a page of styles from the indicated Yamaha arranger keyboard. In July 2015 as replacements for the PSR-S950/S750.
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. Videos. The PSR-S750 is packed with the latest technology to bring your music to life. Features like Super Articulation reproduce every musical nuance of acoustic instruments with incredible realism, and there are 325 styles ready to accompany you instantly for dynamic performances. The Real Distortion feature simulates the frequencies and dynamics of real guitar sounds to provide oustanding effects. Additionally, the built-in FlashROM lets you load new voices and style expansions (VSE) from around the world.

Buy Yamaha PSR Series. Yamaha YKA7500 Professional Double X Style Keyboard. The Yamaha PSR-S750 is packed with amazing Voices, Styles and.

Incredibly realistic and expressive sound Acoustic instrument articulations, nuances and dynamics are challenging to recreate. As the world's largest musical instrument manufacturer, Yamaha has perfected both the science and art of this process to bring you the most sophisticated, musical-sounding and easy-to-play instrument voices. Powerful, pro-quality accompaniment available at the touch of a button Playing a style is like being the conductor of a band that always plays the chords and arrangements you tell them to play.

The PSR-S750 has a huge collection of 325 built-in dynamic styles created by the world's best programmers and mixed by professional studio engineers to ensure unparalleled quality. Guitar-Enhanced styles with Mega Voices Guitar-Enhanced styles not only reproduce the sound of a guitar playing, they also recreate the actual chord voicings used by guitar players, addding to the overall realism of the style. Yamaha's renowned audio and DSP technology provides great live and recorded sound In music production, the key to creating great sound is in the way the song is mixed. The mixing console lets you mix your music like a studio engineer, including balance, panning and professional studio Digital Signal Processing (DSP) borrowed from Yamaha's renowned professional recording and live sound products. USB Audio Recorder and convenient Multi Pad function The PSR-S750 is capable of playing back and recording audio files. It can also play back audio files from its Multi Pads, great for triggering loops, vocal phrases and sound effects.

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Style Keyboard Yamaha Psr S750 Styles

Audio Recording Record your songs and performances as high-quality, uncompressed WAV files to share online or burn to a CD. Connect a microphone or guitar to the instrument and enjoy recording a guitar and keyboard performance together, or record your singing along with song playback. IPhone/iPod/iPad connectivity With Yamaha's i-MX1 MIDI interface for iPhone, iPod and iPad, you can experience a new dimension of MIDI control with apps like Yamaha's Scale Tuner, Piano Diary or Faders & XY Pad. Note: Your Yamaha keyboard ships with everything you need to enjoy phenomenal sound and broad functionality, but Yamaha additionally offers a Survival Kit specially designed for their top-quality keyboards.

The SK-AW Survival Kit includes a 1-year extended warranty, a Yamaha FC5 foot switch/pedal, stereo headphones, a 2GB USB flash drive, Cubase AI software, $25 worth of content from and hundreds of dollars of rebates for related Yamaha accessories. FEATURES Control Interface.


Keyboard: 61 Organ-type with Hard 2, Hard 1, Medium, Soft 1, Soft 2 touch response. Pitch Blend. Modulation. Multi Pads: 126 banks x 4 pads. Display type: 5.7' B/W LCD (320 x 240 dots STN QVGA) with contrast and in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian Voices. AWM Stereo Sampling Tone Generating Technology.

Max of polyphony: 128. Preset Voices: 678 Voices + 28 Drum/SFX Kits + 480 XG Voices + GM2 + GS (for song playback). Featured Voices: 38 Super Articulation Voices, 18 Mega Voices, 24 Sweet! Voices, 46 Cool! Voices, 29 Live!

Voices, 10 Organ Flutes! Comments about Yamaha PSR-S750 61-Key Arranger Keyboard: This is a very good entry level Yamaha arranger keyboard.


Over the years I've had very arrangers and this one has more features for the price than any other I've had. You can obviously find out all about its features and specifications here or at Yamaha, but there are four things that I find especially helpful for my needs. The first is that you can record.wav directly to a thumb drive instead of using microphones or having to go into a sound card on a PC.

The second is that it supports on-bass chording which I find absolutely necessary. The third is that it has a customizable Music Finder Database where I can store the settings for my favorite songs. The fourth is audio out jacks. The only downside I've found so far is that instructions for use are spread between the owner's manual, the reference manual, and the data list.

Cara Membuat Style Keyboard Yamaha Psr 1100

The only printed manual that comes with it is the owner's manual. So it has a bit of a learning curve. Still, a very good arranger for those who need a good bang for the buck. My music is at

Thanks to Yamaha's new Voice & Style Expansion Packs for the PSR, players can take advantage of a wide selection of regional, ethnic and traditional Voices and Styles. Load them to your PSR and instantly play authentic sounds, rhythm and backing in the musical style of your choice! Please use Yamaha Expansion Manager version 2.3(or later) to use Pack Project files. If you have purchased Voice Style Expansion packs for PSR-S650/S750/S950, you can get the same pack for your new S-model, or a different pack if the same pack is not available.

Please contact Yamaha MusicSoft customer support. The new Salsa Expansion pack contains varieties of the popular Salsa beat and other tropical styles that are signature to Cuba.

Acknowledging the variety of different “flavors”, the Salsa Expansion Pack also contains 3 brand new Percussion Kits, all accurately orchestrated for incredible realism. The expansion pack covers many Salsa styles, some never available before, including SalsaNYC, LatinPopDance, Timba, Guaguanco, SalsaRomantica and more traditional styles like BigBandBolero, Chachacha and many others. Salsa is incredibly popular across the world and this pack will shine at dances, weddings, parties and celebrations. Yamaha worked with musicians who specialize on this genre and the result is stunning and authentic. Limited time offer. Created for supporting educational programs for digital keyboards in music schools and arts schools,the Russian Educational Style Pack includes various styles based on symphonic music. You can classical works by Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Glinka and other famous composers.


You can get unique symphonic waltzes and marches, baroque music and historic dances (polka, minuet, polonaise and other) as Styles. In addition, this Expansion pack contains Styles for electronic music, the arrangement from digital keyboards class in music schools. The Vietnamese pack brings together a wonderful combination of traditional musical instruments from Vietnam. Introduce the delights of Vietnam to your musical repertoire with realistic Voices of unique hand-crafted Vietnamese instruments such as the 'Dan Tranh,' 'Dan Bau,' 'Dan Co,' 'Sao,' and more. In addition to Voices, the Vietnamese pack also features a collection of Styles chosen from popular songs in a range of genres including pop, folk, and traditional music from many different areas in Vietnam.

This comprehensive Voice & Style pack represents a complete upgrade to your instrument, giving you the tools to recreate and enjoy the most authentic music from Vietnam. Below Expansion Packs are available from the Yamaha MusicSoft website.

If you have purchased Voice Style Expansion packs for PSR-S650/S750/S950, you can get the same pack for your new S-model, or a different pack if the same pack is not available. Please contact Yamaha MusicSoft customer support.

Norteno & Mariach / Western Europe / Indian 2 / Devotional Pack 1 / Indonesian 2 / Brazilian Music Styles / Mexican Banda / Indian Entertainer / Eastern Europe / South East Europe / Euro Dance / Celtic / Latin / Balkan / Oriental / Church Organ / Church & Christmas / Entertainer / China, etc.