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CAD tip # 6365: Question CAD% platform category The function 'Select similar' (the command, resp. AecSelectSimilar - see the menu Edit and the object context menu) is in older versions (pre-2011) available only in the AEC versions of AutoCAD ( AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD MEP, AutoCAD Civil 3D). Using a simple LISP expression you can add this functionality also to a plain AutoCAD. Add the following expression (command) to a toolbar button or context menu: (cadr(sssetfirst nil (ssget'X'(list(cons 0(cdr(assoc 0(entget(car(entsel' nSelect object and all similar: ')))))))))) This function can be then used either in the normal command mode - after you select an object, all entities of the same type are grip-selected; or you can use it on the standard 'Select objects' prompt - there it includes the selected object and all similar objects in a standard selection set of an editing command. Another option is to use the expression: (ssget(list(cons 0(cdr(assoc 0(entget(car(entsel' nSelect object and all similar: ')))))))) This function also prompts for a sample object. Then it asks for a standard objects selection.

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From these objects, only those objects will be used which are similar (the same type) to the sample object. ACAD ADT Civil ABS. CAD 34343×.

Hello you fine people. I did not create this lisp but I was hoping I can get some help on a change. My co-workers are using Mechanical 2010 and.

Select Similar Autocad 2010 Lisp

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  • PLV - polyline vertices select - use 'PLV to specify a mask by picking (LISP for AutoCAD) 544: 8.1.2010. Select similar objects (type+layer), across layouts.
  • At the Select Objects prompt in a subsequent command. The Fence method is similar to. (not available in AutoCAD LT) Allows you to select original.