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I am tring to learn to use Connection Design intergrated with Staad Pro on a analysed building model to design the connections. The global vectors are X to the right, Y is up and Z is forward.

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Ram Connection V8i

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Ram Connection V8i Free Download


Ram Connection V8i Torrent

RAM Connection V8i, a flexible and powerful program for analysis and design of steel connection for W, HSS and similar sections.

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X and Z forms the horizontal plane. I started to design the connection of a beam to a girder which appears to be in the X Z plane. When I try to open the 'joint' in Connection Definitions for thes two members, a error message opens saying the members are not in the same plane. I then went through the same procedure with the girder and column member in the X Y plane. This worked, Connection Definitions 'joint' opened. Why did the joint open in the x z plane? Thanks for help RE: Staad Pro V8i and Ram Connection Design (Civil/Environmental) 19 Feb 13 12:46.