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  • Bmw INPA Ediabas, NCS Expert tool. When i enter NCS i load Fister profile, press f1 (fg/zcs/fa) then f3.
  • Hi, I changed the GM3 module in my 2003 E39, and the rain sensor stopped working so i thought i should try the NCS Expert program to activate it again.

Hi guys, I've been pulling my hair out for hours over this and have searched high and low. Trying to load either revtors profile or expert mode profile so I can start coding some of the options on my Z4. Everything has been running smoothly and installed fine however it seems that the profiles that came bundled with NCS are version 2.0 meaning I get a german message 'Profile incompatible v2.0' (or something like that, my German is non existent). Am i right in thinking all I need is an updated version of these profiles? Google has turned up hundreds of dead ends and I cannot find a file for the life of me. The other profiles (e.g Expertenmodus) load with no problems at all, do these have the same modify settings as Revtor's profile and could be used instead?

Very new to this but everything seems self explanatory.if only I could open the damn profile. Am using V4.01, gave VMware a go and had so many probems with that and SSS. I've loaded 'Fister Profile' and 'Expertmodus (Offen)' and it now reads the Chassis and VIN fine but when processing ECU to get the module options list it comes up with an obscure Internal Error. Can't find this code anywhere so decided it could be that I dont have up to date Daten files - They show as last modified 2006. Managed to obtain new Daten files with modification date of idea if they will work.

Revtor Profile Ncs Expert

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Am I right in thinking that as long as I am just reading the ECU there's no way a bad daten file could corrupt anything? Have joined bmcoding and asked on there too!