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Microsoft macro assembler 5.1

Macro Assembler 6.11


The latest version of this topic can be found at Microsoft Macro Assembler Reference. The Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM) provides several advantages over inline. Get this from a library! Microsoft Macro Assembler 5.1. The Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM) is an x86 assembler that uses the Intel syntax for MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows. Beginning with MASM 8.0 there are two versions.

Volume in drive A is MASM Directory of A: MIXED 02-01-88 1:00p CREF EXE 28427 02-01-88 1:00p MASM EXE 110703 02-01-88 1:00p PACKING LST 5170 02-01-88 1:00p README DOC 39353 02-01-88 1:00p RUNME EXE 31701 02-01-88 1:00p SETUP BAT 33 02-01-88 1:00p SETUP SUS 7353 02-01-88 1:00p SHOW EXE 4964 02-01-88 1:00p 9 file(s) 227704 bytes Directory of A: MIXED. 02-01-88 1:00p. 02-01-88 1:00p BA ASM 1138 02-01-88 1:00p BAMAIN BAS 567 02-01-88 1:00p CA ASM 298 02-01-88 1:00p CAMAIN C 111 02-01-88 1:00p FA ASM 426 02-01-88 1:00p FAMAIN FOR 190 02-01-88 1:00p MIXED DOC 9107 02-01-88 1:00p MIXED INC 3179 02-01-88 1:00p PA ASM 388 02-01-88 1:00p PAMAIN PAS 164 02-01-88 1:00p POWER2 ASM 2065 02-01-88 1:00p 13 file(s) 17633 bytes Total files listed: 22 file(s) 245337 bytes 103424 bytes free Directory of MS Macro Assembler 5.10 (Disk 2).

Microsoft macro assembler 6.11

Volume in drive A is EDITOR Directory of A: INI 02-01-88 1:00p EXT 02-01-88 1:00p CALLTREE EXE 31233 02-01-88 1:00p ECH EXE 19351 02-01-88 1:00p EXP EXE 32220 02-01-88 1:00p FIXSHIFT COM 690 02-01-88 1:00p M EXE 94821 02-01-88 1:00p MEGREP EXE 31915 02-01-88 1:00p RM EXE 24884 02-01-88 1:00p UNDEL EXE 30046 02-01-88 1:00p 10 file(s) 265160 bytes Directory of A: EXT. 02-01-88 1:00p. 02-01-88 1:00p EXT DOC 15877 02-01-88 1:00p EXT H 8730 02-01-88 1:00p EXTHDR OBJ 1893 02-01-88 1:00p EXTHDRP OBJ 2021 02-01-88 1:00p SKEL C 2457 02-01-88 1:00p SKEL DEF 211 02-01-88 1:00p 8 file(s) 31189 bytes Directory of A: INI. 02-01-88 1:00p. 02-01-88 1:00p BRIEF INI 2094 02-01-88 1:00p EPSILON INI 978 02-01-88 1:00p QUICK INI 1058 02-01-88 1:00p WS DLL 2609 02-01-88 1:00p WS ZXT 2084 02-01-88 1:00p 7 file(s) 8823 bytes Total files listed: 25 file(s) 305172 bytes 45056 bytes free Directory of MS Macro Assembler 5.10 (Disk 5).

Dear Macro Assembler Customer, This incremental update provides fixes for the problems described below. In general, the problems fixed are the ones most frequently reported to us. The next full update of Macro Assembler will address other problems.

If you find any other problems with the Macro Assembler, please contact us at (206) 454-2030. We are very interested in tracking all problems found with MASM to ensure that they are fixed in future releases. Your feedback is invaluable! Sincerely, System Languages Group Microsoft Product Support Services Problems Fixed in MASM 5.10a o Modified alignment constraints for variables allocated with the LOCAL directive. Padding bytes are used to enforce the following constraints: Type Specifier Align Type BYTE BYTE WORD WORD DWORD DWORD FWORD WORD QWORD DWORD TBYTE WORD Offset for local variables whose size is greater than WORD is now correctly calculated. O With /Zi, Codeview information is now generated for all symbols defined with the LOCAL directive. O The text macros for parameters and locals with the PROC directive are generated with surrounding parentheses.

This aids in their correct evaluation in expressions. O USES clauses in PROC directives no longer generates internal assembler errors. O Open procedures no longer cause listing file errors. O SUBSTR can now be used with the same label as both source and destination. O EXTRN ABS when C language is specified prepends name with an underscore. O Parameter alignment in 32 bit mode has been adjusted.

6 bytes were previously allocated for the return address, but 8 bytes are pushed by the calling program. O 32 bit fixup records are now being output in 16 bit code segments. O Unintentionally redefining a code label in a PROC no longer causes the assembler to hang. O MASM will now run in a VIO window under Presentation Manager. Problems Fixed in MASM 5.10a, Cont. O.CONST now generates a 'CONST' class segment as documented.

Previously, it was generating class 'DATA'. O /Z switch is no longer ignored after an include file is processed. O Can now mix / and in the command line source file path specification, i.e.: masm -t masm/src/file.asm; o Fixed GP fault on command line longer than 127 characters. O Fixed bug which caused errors to be reported with the wrong line numbers.

O Fixed a phase-error problem with: MOV BX, forward-reference expression o Fixed improper behavior when type missing on LABEL directive. O Real number initialization now works when.RADIX 16. Previously, a false 'non-digit in number' error was generated. O Can now initialize a structure field to a segment address. Previously, initializing a DD to a segmentName generated an invalid object file.

O% operator no longer inconsistently causes 'symbol not defined' errors when used with text equates. O Text macro expansions no longer cause GP faults.