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Today we’re playing the Ana●Holic! Demo (アナ●ホリ!体験版 ). Created by Underground Campaign, the studio that brought you Maison De M. Title: Ana Holic! Demo.

Genre: RPG. Artist: NODAGaku. Data: The Maximum Character Level is 20 (99 in full version). Content: Play up to 2 mountains. Add any character to your party.


SHARING IS CARING! Post you're Bara games, & CG's here! SHARING IS CARING. Maison De M NO, Thank you! Okinawa Slave Island One Night Game Ore to Mahou Koibito. I really don’t get why people keep asking for an english guide Considering the game itself is STILL IN JAPANESE The japanese guide is easy to find and follow even.


Save Data: The Save Data will not transfer over to the full version. Download Demo: (At DLパスワード box type “ugcp”). Download Instructions: So this isn’t just going to be commentary about the demo but also little mini guide. So Ana Holic is a dungeon crawling, (err Mine Crawling) RPG, featuring a group of 6 miners who share a bunkhouse together. Updated January 4th, 2012 The main setting for the game is a camp site near the Dragon God Mountains. It is a series of 10 mountains that lead to the center where a dragon resides.

According to folklore, every night the demons and spirits from the mountains come down to the village, and eat the women and children. To stop this from happening legend says you should break a seal by killing the demon leader.

Characters You first meet up with the Boss 親方 He asks for your party members’ names. One recommendation is to choose names that fits with their job class.

Here’s a suggested list of names that follows the Japanese nicknames they use on various forums. Alternatively you can also go by their outfit color. The Protagonist has all around average stats. His special skill is to blast rocks. The Bald Guy.

Compared to the other guys, his agility is low. But he can give a large amount of damage to enemies. The Conversationalist‘s speech skill allows him to raise his allies and lower the enemies stats. He has high intellect and agility. The Samurai‘s special skill gives damages all the enemies. His defense is low but his agility is higher than the others.

The Medic‘s special skill is healing and recovery, and gives status effects to enemies (later on.). The Gunner, he uses attributes on his gun attacks. (He’s an elementalist) After starting the game you will be placed outside a house, this is your bunk house. Just go inside and talk to your members to add them to the party. If you do not like your choices you can talk to the dog to break up the party. The town itself has icons outside of shops telling you what they sell.

Earning Money In order to make money you will have to explore the cave and find blue rocks and sell them. 石炭 Coal (in the above pic) sells for 100 Yen. 水晶 Crystal sells for 300 Yen The game is quite a grind-fest, and extremely difficult at early levels. You can not just rush right through and expect to do well. You will have to grind around certain areas that contain a white spring that fully heals your entire party. Item Menu It is essential to know what items do what.

Generally if you see the word HP, you know it’s going to recover HP, but most of the time you will get hit by poison status effects that kills your party member extremely fast outside of battle. 褐色の爆薬: Brown Rock Explosives: Breaks brown rocks. 傷薬: 100¥ Potion: Heals 50 HP. 消毒液 70¥: Disinfectant: Removes Poison status effect. ゴールデンバット 100¥: Golden Bat: Recovers (Silence). ハッカ油 100¥: Hakka Oil: Recovers Silence.

高級傷薬: 500¥ High Grade Potion: Recover 300 HP. 最高級傷薬 3000¥ Highest Grade Potion: Recovers ALL HP. ブランデー 1500¥ Brandy: Recovers Incapacitation (Death). 命綱 300¥ Lifeline: Return to the Campsite.

魔除けの鈴 500¥ Amulet: No encounters for 500 Steps Battle Posing gives you some quick eye candy! Considering this game uses random encounters, battles can get annoying fast. I’d recommend the developers implement auto-battle into the game, or severely decrease the amount of battles needed to level up. The main battle menu starting from the top is 1. Special Skills 3.

I’ll just highlight some of the best skills that show up early in the game. All Characters. ポージング: Posing: Go nude for 1 turn, receive 2x damage.

Maison De M Bara

Next turn deals a strong attack Bald Guy. いしあたま Blockhead: Deals large Damage Conversationalist. 応援 Aid: Raises attack power.

Recommendati on: Use this in combination with Bald Guy’s Blockhead move. Samurai. 若竹 Wakatake Deals low damage to all enemies. 酔仙 Suisen: Deals mid damage to all enemies.

Medic. プロテイン Protein: Essential for healing!. リドック Redock: Removes Poison! Gunner. 火弾グリンブル丙式 Fire Ball: Fire Elemental Damage. 水撃ドラウプニル丙式 Water Hammer: Water Elemental Damage.

Maison De M Bara Game

雷震ミョルニル丙式 Lightning Quake: Lightning Elemental Damage. Recommendati on: Keep the Gunner in the party, he starts off sucky but in the end he becomes essential. 9 Demons Each mountain has a hidden boss located behind a rock wall. If you defeat them, they will join your party. Near these demons you’ll meet up with Gaku-san, who calls himself a demon scholar, and is currently investigating the mythos around them. Usually when you find him, there is a demon nearby. Gaku is located within the northern houses in the campsite, indicated by a sign with a black sphere. Talk to him and choose “妖怪を仲間にしたい” (Make the Demon a Partner).

If your party is full, he’ll ask you which person you want to kick out. Okuri-inu (Escorting Wolf) Each demon appears to be related to Japanese folklore, like the Okuri-inu who follows you home. The demons themselves are pretty hard and you should generally try going after them after you completely clear a mountain. Stolas April 13, 2014 at 8:07 pm Hey Bara, I just downloaded the 2 files yesterday but they are xp3 files?

I really dont get it. I have no idea what to do with the main and the patch.

Maison De M Bara Game Guide

No programs on my computer can run it. Do I need a program or a emulator for these files? Also, the link didnt sent me to the mirror site, just a blank site with some japanese signs and the box where I should write the letters.

I think I did it right, but I’m pretty confused. I can see this is a kinda old thread by now, but the game looks fun. Maybe there is a full game now? Maybe in english? Monk December 3, 2016 at 10:58 pm Maybe this is late, but hell yeah, I want share something that make you stuck at some Mountain like the 9th one, so here’s the password! 😀 #Note this password is not ordered by number because i forgot which floor they belong is, sorry about that m( )m 1. Ame no Mi Kumari アメノミクマリ 2.

Rusuban ルスバン 7. Syashin シャシン 8. Nimotsu ニモツ 9. Onaji オナジ 11.

Maison De M Bara Game Guide

Kumori クモリ 12. Rounku ロウンク 13. Tebukuro テブクロ 14. Megane メガネ 15. Touzainanboku トウザイナンボク Also if you need some cheat, you can use Cheat Engine! You can cheat up to Gold, SP and HP too!

Google it if you don’t know how to use CE Ok, happy gaming! 😀 Tags: Ana Holic! Bara Game Guide Password 9th Mountain Cheat.