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The Base drawing – scaled to create the others. I have created scaled borders for North American letter size paper and am making them available for download. The problem with scaling drawings is it is relatively easy to scale the borders, but the hassle comes with scaling the dimension text and arrows. By creating scaled border drawings I have already done all of that and simply have to choose the correct border for the thing I am drawing. All of the drawings were scaled in inches and are set-up to display the dimensions in feet, inches, and fractions of an inch, but it very simple to change the dimensions to decimals of an inch.

Librecad Templates Download

It is a little bit of a hassle to change the drawings to display metric units. I show how to do that in a video. One thing I do want to point out, I chose a line width of 0.18 mm for the frame. As we learned in an earlier video this will always be printed the same width on all of the printouts.

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Creating templates for the Drawing module is very easy. See also the tutorial Drawing_Template_HowTo. Templates are svg files, created with any application capable of. Drawing templates. From FreeCAD Documentation. SVG templates creation. Such as LibreCAD. LibreCAD supports the use of a default template and the use of multiple templates. A LibreCAD user that plans on creating similar drawings may require only a single.

However, it looks much different on the screen, especially on the XTenth one, but in this case it is the printout we are concerned about. The video also shows how to do several other conversions and the maximum dimensions that can be used for every scaled drawing.

My naming convention for the files is also described in the video. The files available for your download are: 1: The zip file containing all the borders 2: The spreadsheet giving the maximum dimensions for each scaled border.

3: An untested version of a X1 scaled drawing with metric scaling and A4 paper. I was not able to test this because I do not have a printer sized for A4 paper. I will explain the assumptions later in this blog post. The video explaining everything is embedded and later I will explain the process of creating the A4 paper border. I recommend watching the video in You Tube and enlarging to full screen. Step 1: Units were changed to mm and the drawing was scaled as shown in the video The problem I had in the video with trying to create the A4 size drawing was I got width and height dimensions mixed up. However, the video was getting long anyhow.

This will be a better way to show it. Step 1 of creating the A4 drawing was to change the X1 letter drawing to millimetre units and then scale it as was shown in the video. I also added an extra dimension to check the letter paper size in mm units. This was alright.

Free Frontpage Templates Download

Step 5: Trim the borders, and delete the old tick marks and change the layer of the new tick marks. Step 5 contains several operations. First, I trimmed all the border lines to make a complete rectangle. Next, I erased the old tick marks and changed the layer of the new tick marks. Finally, I added new dimension lines to show the maximum width and height on the drawing. I also slightly increased the settings of all of the values on the dimension screen to make the dimension text a little more readable. This has been a fairly long and complicated post, but I think this will be helpful to everyone using LibreCAD.

I am certain the borders will be helpful to me. You may decide to add a title block to your drawings, If you do, I suggest you do it first to the X1 drawing and then copy it to the other drawings and use the scale function reference to size it to your other drawings. When copying and scaling it use a reference point of the corner of the border. The title blocks and spreadsheet were created by me and are being put in public domain. Everything else is licensed with the license below.

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