Kontakt 4 Native Instruments Demo

Kontakt 4 Native Instruments Demo

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Native Instruments has Kontakt 4, the latest version of its mega sampler, featuring a larger sample library, expanded convolution effects and new “authentic expression” technology. Details below. KONTAKT 4 will be availble on October 1st, 2009., priced at $399 / 379 €. New features in KONTAKT 4:. The new Authentic Expression Technology sees KONTAKT 4 radically redefining the authentic reproduction of acoustic instruments with all their dynamics and articulations, while adding completely new options for creative sound design. In addition to the traditional way of sampling different volume levels of an instrument statically, AET is able to capture specific spectral characteristics of samples and gradually apply them to another samples in real-time, allowing you to seamlessly “morph” between different instruments’ characteristics.

Oct 12, 2009 Kontakt 4: This set of Native Instruments. Demo video, Kontakt 4, Native Instruments. Dec 08, 2009 This is an overview and demo of Native Instruments Kontakt 4, by NI’s Josh Fielstra. In the first video, Fielstra takes a look at the new Performance View.

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This breakthrough allows for a new level in expression and realism when playing a sampled instrument. An extra 10 Gigabytes of new material enrich the KONTAKT library. Expanded Convolution Effect Library – KONTAKT 4 comes with more than 300 new and professionally recorded impulse responses from a wide rang of rooms, concert halls, churches, speakers etc, to add super-realistic reverbs to your instruments or the sonic characteristics of high-quality hardware equipment (amps, speakers, hardware reverbs etc.).

The new impluse response samples are provided by Echochamber, Studiodevices and Acousticas. IMPROVED PERFORMANCE VIEWS provide custom control panels, that make Instrument-specific settings available without having to switch to Edit mode. In KONTAKT 4, a much larger control panel is available so each instrument has more important parameters accessible, as well as giving each instrument a distinctive feel through the easy-on-the-eye graphics. The enhanced KONTAKT Script Processor gives many more options for designing custom Performance Views and for controlling other KONTAKT areas such as the master section (when writing ‘multi scripts’).

The complete KONTAKT 4 library has been pre-tagged for your convenience. You can also create custom attributes to tag your instruments according to your own criteria.

Attribute-based browsing works for Instruments, Multis, Banks, Groups, Presets, and Samples. New Lossless Sample Compression format ‘NCW’ with real-time encoding – reducing the size of samples by up to 50%. Instruments with high disk streaming load, such as Grand Pianos, benefit from the fact that less data has to be read from hard disk.

Note that the complete KONTAKT library is delivered in uncompressed WAV format – the Lossless Sample Compression is just an option for your choice when you save instruments. I got on Propellerhead for saying that NNXT and NN19 were samplers I called them out on it and now coming in Reason 5 NNXT, NN19, Redrum all sample now audio externally and now I'm getting on NI's head make kontakt sample its funny how the best samplers (Emulator X3) are always underated and these fake sample players(Kontakt) get the credit we are talking Emu here sp1200, sp12, Emulator I, II, III, Emax, ESI, E6400, MOphatt, the creators of the one of the beast hardware samplers around and they made it into software hell get it. Learn to speak english deluxe 10 torrent.

Micha @ NI December 23, 2016 12:13 (Edited December 23, 2016 12:18) Hey Calogero, You can find this information on the Kontakt Demo page, below the second paragraph: So after installing the Kontakt 5 Demo Content procced as follows: How to use the Demo Content:. After installation, open KONTAKT 5 PLAYER. Click on the 'Database' tab, no category should be selected. Make sure that 'Instr' is selected in the header. Enter 'demo' into the search field to find the demo patches. Now load a demo patch and evaluate the full potential of KONTAKT 5.

The demo patches will time out after 15 minutes per session. Best regards, Micha. Micha @ NI January 17, 2017 17:11 Hey Calogero and Mat, please follow these steps: 1. Start Kontakt standalone (not in a sequencer) and open 'Options Database'. Click Add and navigate to the the path where you installed the Kontakt 5 Demo Content (confirm with OK): 3. Now click Update and wait until the database is set up.

Make sure that you selected Database Instr and put in demo into the search field (as instructed in the first reply).Now the Demo patches show up in the Kontakt browser. You can access these instruments as if you were using the full version of Kontakt - the demo will time out after 15 minutes. Best regards, Micha.