Image Converter 565

Converting graphics Thanks to the most up-to-date software design techniques, this reliable application can rapidly and accurately complete almost any conversion project. It accepts a wide range of images and allows you to convert, modify or improve them in several ways. For example, Image Converter Plus lets you crop out unwanted portions of your photographs.


Imageconverter 565

Convert your files from over 120 formats to a JPG image with this free online JPEG converter. Optionally apply digital effects. How to convert 32 bit PNG to RGB565? Ask Question. Up vote 2 down vote favorite. How can I accomplish this? Using RGB_565 for background image in AndEngine.

You may adjust transparency settings, colors and image sizes as well. The application can even enhance photos by adding mirror effects or frames.


Image Converter Plus doesn’t disappoint expert users who want sophisticated capabilities and large file support. For instance, you can make a series of changes to multiple photos at once. This program also lets you modify image metadata or upload photo directories and subdirectories via FTP.

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