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Galileo Reservation System U Agenciji

Hello Noelle Santacruz, To find fares on different airlines for a particular city-pair, you need to use an airlines reservation system. If you are passenger then you may visit any of the travel web-portals to find the fare, like expedia or similar travel agency sites in your own country, i.e. If you are travel agent, t hen on which reservation system you are trying to get air fares, but I suggest you first take professional training in how to operate a computerised reservations system installed in your office, as this is a very common feature that all the professional travel agents know how to execute and get the fares for all the carriers flying a particular route. Global Distribution Systems found with travel agencies through-out the world could be anything from Amadeus or Galileo or Sabre or Abacus or Apollo or Worldspan systems. 1245 days 13 hours 50 minutes ago.

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