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STATS PLUS+ Over/ Under and more stats. MY FAVES:) Select your favourite leagues. GOWIN!, MY BEST FRIEND:) BETTER AND FRIENDLIER THAN EVER! You now have the perfect winning combination: GoWin!’s predictions and bookmakers’ odds. Full time Half time 2nd Half prediction Go beyond limits!

Accuracy all match long. New & Better Biorhythm Walk through thousands of matches with ease, for more profitable decisions at the speed of light: navigation buttons, exact date and start time, surprise scores, odds. Power Start Intensive learning algorithm based on even more data for better results right from the start! Match Confidence Stay on top with always the safest predictions!

Digging up the treasure for you There are so many treasures hidden inside the hundreds of the football competitions daily available in the database. Will dig for these treasures, always providing you with the best competitions, where the hit rates go up to the sky. Always making the Best Choice! Always Up-To-Date! Technology With the new Always Up-To-Date!


Technology the Database Updates will be now automatically detected and installed. This way, you will be assured that you always use the latest information available about matches and always get the highest performance possible. Who will win? By Trip to the future! ™ Asked by journalists, football fans, sport analysts and punters and loved by everyone! Know before the competition ends Who will win?

And the final standings. Trained on over 1000 leagues and successfully publicly tested on Euro and World Cup! The whole season! Welcome to the fascinating world of professional sports betting! The Football Forecaster', the only software that helps you to make profitable soccer bets. Click here to get Prediction for any competition: Premier League, Championship. Any league in the world on your desktop: 2017/2018 season (World Cup, Championships, Cup matches; National, continental and world competitions) Prediction: full time, half time, 2nd half: GoWin!

Software calculates 1X2 probability for every match. Find out the final score of the match: correct score and under-over predictions to win your bets. Leagues by request: the unique service that brings you any competition you want.

Get predictions and stats for your favourite league now! Request your now! Instant download of the for over 70 competitions from the entire world with Deluxe Database. You will have betting tips, fixtures and stats for competitions from all continents! Tips& Soccer Stats - Improve your betting style!

Offers a complete analysis of football matches including in-depth stats and match preview. 'Teams Biorhythm & Face-to-face Analysis' with easy to understand graphical presentation. You get all the statistics needed to make winning bets. Results, fixtures, tables and extra-statistics on multiple levels: league stats, team statistics, match and prediction stats. You’ll be a completely oriented punter. Multiple Awarded Football Forecast Engine!

Forecast Engine makes accurate football predictions on high scientific basis! Fine tune for significant improvement of the predictions' quality. Extremely precise forecasts practically proven, tested with amazing results on hundreds of competitions, along many years:, Euro Qualifiers/Final Tournament Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D. Europa League groups, championships from the entire world, inter and intra continental competitions: UEFA Champions League, English Premiership, Championship, League One / Two, English Conference, Scottish Premier, Championship, L. One and Two, Ireland Premier L, Italy Serie A, B, Pro A-B-C, Wales Premier, France, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Australia, USA Major Soccer - MLS, Chile, Mexico, Argentina Primera Division - Apertura Clausura, Greece, Hungary.

The best Forecast, Analysis and Statistics software available on the market! Very easy to use! Premiership tips at a glance! Intelligently designed software so even the computer novices can achieve its whole value just from the first click. Every punter can have instantly his own. Winning Tips: Sample of 90% accuracy Auto fine tune, Contrast 0 Red = Correct.

Benefit now by the highest accurate predictions on the market for any league you want in the world offered only by The Football Forecaster! Europe, North & South America, Asia, Africa © 1993 - GoWin! Software™ Company. All rights reserved. Contact.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL Handicapping Software Standard PDS Version 2014 (2014 NCAA Season Release) The HANDICAPPING SOFTWARE SYSTEM that LEARNS day to day, week to week, month to month and season to season. College Football Handicapping Version 2014 uses our proprietary form of Artificial Intelligence called the LEARNING MODULE.

The software automatically makes adjustments to the Handicapping Algorithms based on what it has learned from handicapping games. The following statistics are used by the Learning Module in adjusting the Handicapping Algorithms. LINE EFFICIENCY RATINGS STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE RATINGS POWER RATINGS OFFENSIVE RATINGS DEFENSIVE RATINGS PERFORMANCE RATINGS CONSISTENCY RATINGS VALUE RATINGS The College Football Handicapping Software Version 2014 consists of 6 basic sections.

GAME DATABASE HANDICAP GAMES MAINTENANCE STATISTICS UTILITIES - Very Easy Data Downloads OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS PRICE - $119.95 $49.95 (Software & yearly data downloads) Coupon holders enter code in shopping cart $119.95 $49.95 $119.95 $49.95 Coupon holders enter code in shopping cart COLLEGE FOOTBALL- 2015 Will not be Available Due to Medical Issues SECTION #1 - GAME DATABASE This section of the software program is where all games in the database is maintained. The game database includes games that have been played (usually the last five (5) seasons) and games that have not been played (current season).

The Game Database includes the scores, closing lines and opening lines. You are able to display and print the game database by the following: BY SCHEDULE (By Season) - List all games in the schedule with scores, opening lines and closing lines. BY INDIVIDUAL TEAM - ALL GAMES (By Season) - Lists all games (road and home) for an individual team for each season in the database. BY INDIVIDUAL TEAM - ROAD GAMES (By Season) - Lists all road games for an individual team for each season in the database. BY INDIVIDUAL TEAM - HOME GAMES (By Season) - Lists all home games for an individual team for each season in the database.

BY OPPOSING TEAMS (By Season) - Lists all games for the selected opposing teams for each season in the database. BOX SCORES (By Season) - This section of the program allows you to display and print the Box Score for every game played in the Database.

SECTION #2 - HANDICAP GAMES This section of the software program consists of the following features: HANDICAP GAMES - Games can be handicapped using three different algorithms. The Sports Judge (Formula) - Points Scored (Raw Data) - First Downs (Raw Data) - Rushes/Yards (Raw Data) - Passing/Yards (Raw Data) - Completions/Attempts/Interceptions (Raw Data) - Sacks/Yards (Raw Data) - Punts/Yards (Raw Data) - Fumbles/Lost (Raw Data) - Penalties/Yards (Raw Data) - Time Of Possession (Raw Data) - + 20 User Definable Algorithms SELECTION SETTINGS - This feature allows you to tell the software the desired Overlay (point advantage versus the line) that you want before a play is recommended. Different settings can be assigned for the following: - Road Favorite Plays - Road Underdog Plays - Home Favorite Plays - Home Underdog Plays - Over Plays - Under Plays TEST SETTINGS - This feature allows you to test any Selection Setting changes by handicapping any range of weeks for current and past seasons. HANDICAPPING STATISTICS - Handicapping Statistics are maintained for all plays recommended by the software. Handicapping Statistics are maintained by the following: - Road Favorite Plays - Road Underdog Plays - Home Favorite Plays - Home Underdog Plays - Over Plays - Under Plays Handicapping Statistics can be displayed and printed by a range of weeks or for entire seasons.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL- 2015 Will not be Available Due to Medical Issues SECTION #3 - MAINTENANCE ENTER/EDIT LINES - Game Lines and Over/Under Lines are entered and edited in this section of the program. Both Opening and Closing Lines are maintained by the system. ENTER/EDIT BOX SCORES - Game Box Scores are entered and edited in this section of the program. ENTER/EDIT SCHEDULE - Current and future schedules are entered and edited in this section of the program. ENTER/EDIT TEAMS - Teams (Name, Conference and Division) are entered and edited in this section of the program.

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