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Usb Driver

C48 Applications Model C12 C24 C48 Acceptable Media Width 415mm 720mm 1300mm Max.Cutting Width 305mm/12Inch 620mm / 24Inch 1200mm/48Inch Operating system Windows2000/XP/2003/win7/ 2003 x32/win7 x64 / Mac OSX10.2.8 & above version Interface RS232C, USB Control Panel 10Silica gel buttons Driver Digital DC, Step Motor, Micro-step Driver Display 4.8 High-Resolution LCD Drawing Instruction HP-GL, DMPL Max. Cutting Speed 600mm/s Max. Cutting Thickness 1mm Pressure 50g800g Adjustable Mechanical Precision 0.025mm Repeat Accuracy. Rossing science of sound pdf editor.

Usb Driver For Windows Xp

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