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FFmpeg Builds. FFmpeg is the leading multimedia framework to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play. All builds require at least Windows. Windows, macOS, and Linux. The ffserver command-line. The PGMYUV image format is a homebrewn variant of the binary (P5) PGM Netpbm format. FFmpeg also supports. Download binary files for ffmpeg, ffprobe, ffserver and ffplay ffmpeg 3.2 binaries.

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These of for Linux kernels 3.2.0+ are the easiest way to get the latest version running on your server or workstation. Each archive includes ffmpeg, ffmpeg-10bit, ffprobe, qt-faststart, and all the man pages in both text and pdf format.

For installation instructions or 2.6.32 builds, please read the Please note it's highly recommended to use git builds, because bug fixes and other improvements are added on a daily basis. All static builds available here are licensed under. If you appreciate this up-to-date build of FFmpeg and my time that goes into to maintaining it, please consider making a donation.

FFmpeg running on FFmpeg team Initial release December 20, 2000; 17 years ago ( 2000-12-20) 3.4.2 (February 12, 2018; 2 days ago ( 2018-02-12) ) Development status Active Written in and, and; may be for other OSes., and; may be for other 2.1+, + Unredistributable if compiled with NVIDIA Performance Primitives Website FFmpeg is a project that produces and for handling data. FFmpeg includes, an audio/video library used by several other projects, libavformat (Lavf), an audio/video library, and the ffmpeg program for multimedia files. FFmpeg is published under the 2.1+ or 2+ (depending on which options are enabled). The name of the project is inspired by the video standards group, together with 'FF' for 'fast forward'. The logo uses a pattern that shows how MPEG video codecs handle.

For more details on this topic, see. In addition to and Snow formats, which were created and developed from within FFmpeg, the project also supports the following formats: Group Format type Format name // Video, (Px64), (MPEG-H Part 2), IEC video and Audio, µ-law, A-law, (a.k.a. 32k), (a.k.a. AMR-WB), (a.k.a. 24k and 40k), IEC audio and Subtitle (a.k.a. 3GPP Timed Text) Image, and Subtitle Subtitle Video SMPTE 314M (a.k.a. And ), SMPTE 370M (a.k.a.

WMV3), (a.k.a. Dirac Pro), (a.k.a. AVID ) Audio Image // Audio (GSM 06.10), AC-3 , Enhanced AC-3 and (a.k.a. DTS or DCA) Subtitle DVB Subtitling (ETSI 300 743) / Audio / Subtitle / Audio (a.k.a. DTS or DCA), (a.k.a. DTS-ES), DTS Express (a.k.a.

DTS-HD LBR), Music Codec 1 and 2 Subtitle PGS (Presentation Graphics Stream) Audio, (a.k.a. G.722.2) Audio -8 (a.k.a. SmartRate or IS-96C), QCELP-13 (a.k.a.

PureVoice or IS-733) and (EVRC. RGBx (rgb0) and xBGR (0bgr) are also supported. used in YUV-centric codecs such like H.264. ^ YVU9, YV12, YV16, and YV24 are supported as rawvideo codec in FFmpeg. I420 a.k.a. YUV420P. aka YUY2 in Windows.

Y210 (YUYV 10bpc) is not supported. UYVY 10bpc without a padding is supported as bitpacked codec in FFmpeg. UYVY 10bpc with 2-bits padding is supported as v210 codec in FFmpeg.

16bpc (Y216) is supported as targay216 codec in FFmpeg. I422 a.k.a. YUV422P. 16bpc (P216) is not supported. 8bpc (AYUV) is not supported. I444 a.k.a. YUV444P.

used in JPEG2000 FFmpeg does not support IMC1-IMC4, AI44, CYMK, Log RGB and other formats. It also does not yet support 1:5:5:5, 2:10:10:10, or other formats that are not commonly used. Supported protocols Open standards.

IETF. IETF:. (via libssh).

Microsoft. (via libsmbclient). over TCP (MS-MMSP) and MMS over HTTP (MS-WMSP). Pro-MPEG Forum:. (RTSP over TLS) Open-source.

protocol Proprietary. Adobe, RTMPT, RTMPE, RTMPTE and RTMPS (can be compiled with the native support or using librtmp library). RealMedia RTSP/ Supported filters FFmpeg supports, among others, the following filters. Archived from on 2013-12-25. Retrieved 2013-05-11.

Retrieved 2018-02-13. Retrieved 2012-01-04. Retrieved 2012-01-04. FFmpeg can be configured to make it proprietary and unredistributable software because NVIDIA Performance Primitives, an optional external library, is proprietary software and cannot be distributed under the terms of the.

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Ffserver Windows Download

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Ffmpeg Ffserver

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Ffserver Windows

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