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Adi At-201 Service Manual Adi AR-146 Pdf User Manuals. Adi At-201 Service Manual. Ford f150 repair manual online can be download. Adi ar 146 2 meter manual.

Yaesu FT-840 Later model has FM board AM filter these extras are getting pricey. I have also put a new memory backup battery in the radio 2 nights ago so its goos for several years now. This is a great radio and easy to use. Comes with stock Microphone I have owners manual and service manual I also have a mobile bracket. Asking $550.00 shipped and insured with mobile bracket or $525.00 OBO shipped without if you take at $550.00 OBO Ill even thrown in and install the TCXO 4 stabalizing Oscillator Crystal board. Ill send the original factory boxes the extra boards came in. Radio has no original box sorry as I got it without.

I got it from an 11 meter guy that didnt kn ow how to run the radio so yes it has the Mars mod which was done when I got it. I have another FT-840 that I also added the FM board and AM filter to that has the blinking display as I seen online that a few radios did this some say easy fix as its a faled resistor or part that made the PLL come unlocked which results in blinking display Ide let that one go for $325.00 OBO the board addons alone are an easy $200.00 I again I have the boxes for the addons I did but no original radio box but this radio also had frequency expansion MARS mod the radio worked flawless until the blinking display started and I never dug into it as I have to many other radios and projects. These radios wer 2 of my kids that were licensed but dont have time for radio as most teenage kids venture to different more important things.

Adi ar 146 microphone

ADI AR-146 2 Meter Mobile Rig works great mic DTMF buttons never worked when I bought it used years ago but Push to talk and up and down channel on mic works fine which is most important. Great starter or backup radio quick release mobile mount bracket nice smaller radio needs very little mout space has 40 or 50 memories. $75.00 OBO Shipped and insured RCI-2970 10 Meter Radio has frequency expansion mobile bracket stock microphone I just used it tonight again and it works great and is right on frequency and thats without clarifier being cut radio shows about 110 watts on a Peak Reading meter so it was not cranked up and beat Ive brought this out from time to time and made tons of 10 meter contacts on it just to run it. I just dont use it or need it Ive had it a few years now and at times forgot I had it until coming accross it while looking for something else. Theres a rocker switch under the front rightside to turn off the inner amplifier PA board. I found this out when I took the rdaio into Q5 communications in Madison WI to have it gone through and aligned. For 10 meter use as my wife was gonna use this mobile in the Winter but stayed with her other HF rig so radio just sat for most of its few years here.

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Adi Ar-146 Schematic

$275.00 OBO shipped I actually had the RCI-2970 paired up with the ADI AR-146 when they were stored away and brought out to be used and they would make a great starter setup for a tech license holder or a inexpensive mobile setup for anyone and those looking to get started in Amateur Radio. I may consider trades just let me know what you have Amplifiers. Antenna Tuners, ETC.

Adi Ar-146 Microphone

Let me know what you have and we can talk.