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DokuWiki sites are constantly changing due to the contributions of the website patrons. When topics get too big, change in scope, or become obsolete, it becomes necessary to rename or delete the namespaces from DokuWiki. This article will go through the steps in renaming and deleting namespaces form DokuWiki. Renaming a namespace in DokuWiki., select your DokuWiki install directory and click Go. Navigate to the following location in your DokuWiki site. /data/pages Find the folder for the namespace you want to rename similar to the snapshot to the right. Select the folder and click rename in the File manager at the top.

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Name the folder to a different name and hit enter. (In this case we renamed the folder to ' newnamespace'). Click your sitemap link at the top right of your DokuWiki site. Now you will see the namespace renamed in your sitemap. Deleting namespaces in DokuWiki. Click sitemap at the top right.

Find the namespace you want to remove. (In this case the ' html5' namespace is being removed.). Select the page in the namespace.

(In this case ' html5videos'.). Click the pencil to the right that says ' Edit this page'. Delete all the text from the page. Now visit the sitemap link at the top right. The namespace will be gone from the sitemap. For the namespace to disappear completely, if there are multiple pages in one namespace, each page in the namespace will need to have its content deleted. Once all pages have no content in the namespace, the namespace will no longer appear in the sitemap.

Now that you are familiar with renaming and deleting namespaces, you can see our next article on how to redirect old pages that were removed from your DokuWiki site.

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DokuWiki is an open source software designed to bring wiki based software with less server tasking capabilities. What this means is, DokuWiki has less processes required to run the software that allow the server to run faster and more efficient.


Help:Managing files. From Gallery of new files - If you just uploaded one, you will see it here. File list - Shows all of the files.

  1. Dokuwiki - The DokuWiki Open Source Wiki Engine. Skip to content. Add separete ACL for uploaded files and allow users to delete their own files #1262.
  2. Oct 28, 2011 Dokuwiki Installation on CENTOS. Delete the install.php file and continue to dokuwiki page at http. To add a link to the uploaded files.

The major benefit to DokuWiki is the fact that all the files that run DokuWiki are saved in PHP files, instead of storing the content in a Database. Manually installing DokuWiki. To get started installing DokuWiki on your server, download the software from the DokuWiki site at the following URL. You will need to select the dokuwiki-2012-10-13.tgz “Adora Belle” link on the ' This is the last “stable” version of DokuWiki' section. Dokuwiki-2012-10-13.tgz After downloading the DokuWiki files, you can upload and install the program on your server.

Let's set up DokuWiki on your server now. If you are not installing DokuWiki on the main domain or an Addon domain, for the DokuWiki site.

file through the cPanel and. Next, visit the domain that DokuWiki was uploaded to in your browser. The url for the installation is: Replacing with the domain you set up for DokuWiki. On the DokuWiki installer page, fill in the Administrative login information. Admin login specifications Wiki Name: This is the site name for your wiki.

Superuser: Administrator username for login. Real Name: The name that will display on the website when writing articles.

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E-mail: The email that will receive contact form submittals and other notifications. Password: This is the password for the DokuWiki admin login. Initial ACL policy: This can be open, closed, or public. Select Open Wiki.


License type: Leave the default, CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. Now the DokuWiki installer will display ' The configuration was finished successfully.' Click the ' your new DokuWiki' link. Go to your server folder where DokuWiki was installed and delete the install.php file. Now when visiting the domain DokuWiki was installed on, The site will look like the snapshot to the right. Congratulations, your new DokuWiki site was installed successfully.