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Die Hard Arcade known as Dynamite Deka (ダイナマイト刑事) in Japan, is a 3D arcade beat-em up developed by Sega AM1 and Sega Technical Institute. This is only to be expected though, as the game wasn’t originally developed as a Die Hard game – Dynamite Deka. Die Hard Arcade succeeds as a game.

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I got a message today from a member regarding a request for help with getting Die Hard Arcade to run on MAME. For current MAME (0.145 at the time of writing), the parent rom, Die Hard Arcade (UET 960515 V1.000), also needs the stvbios.zip in your roms folder. So, how did I figure that out? First, while using the Current MAME compatibility solution from the MAME FAQs intro and the method in Q2. B), I got the Die Hard Arcade rom zip, placed it in the roms folder, and refreshed MAMEUI with F5. At this point, the game still didn't show via the Available folder in the left field of the GUI (Graphical User Interface).

I went to the All Games folder of the GUI instead then typed Die Hard in the search window at the top. I right clicked on Die Hard Arcade in the game list, chose Audit, and saw that all the missing files were tagged as stvbios. I then grabbed an stvbios.zip and put it in the roms folder and refreshed MAME again.

The game then showed up in Available, albeit with some imperfect sound and video emulation flags. Back in older versions of MAME, like MAME32 Plus! 0.119, it was a bit trickier than simply making sure you had the proper bios file. You also had to change the bios region to a country other than Japan or you would be locked out of the game at the start. To do this in MAME32 Plus! 0.119, right click on Die Hard Arcade in the game listgo PropertiesMiscellaneousthen use the bios dropdown menu to select a compatible region; eg.

Die Hard Arcade GameArcade

Dynamite Cop

Die Hard Arcade does require a reasonably strong machine to run without choppiness. Despite the imperfect emulation it's still playable though, so have fun!