Cyndi Lauper Live In Paris 1987


I remember quite clearly first coming across this concert film. It was the summer of 1989 and one Saturday night BBC1 broadcast this just after midnight.

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Cyndi Lauper Live in Paris - Reviews and watch free online full Cyndi Lauper live in Le Zenith Paris on the last date of her True Colors world tour. Recorded on the 31st of. CYNDI LAUPER Live In Paris, France DVD PAL or NTSC.

I wasn't looking out for it, I just saw it by pure chance. At the time I was in a bit of a dead end from a musical taste perspective, I liked the Canadian progressive rock band Rush and not much else. I had kind of forgotten the pure joy of pop music. That was until I saw this film. I mean I knew who Cyndi Lauper was. I remembered her from 1984 when various songs from her debut album 'She's So Unusual' were released and I also recalled her subsequent hit 'True Colors'. I liked those songs well enough but I was quite a passive chart music fan back in those days of my childhood, so that was as far as it went.

Cyndi Lauper Live In Paris 1987

So I pretty much had little expectation when Cyndi Lauper in Paris began to play on the television. I started watching it fairly ambivalently but as it progressed I became more surprised and impressed. By the end I realised I had seen something truly special. I immediately went out and bought the video plus her first three albums. It was the start of a love of Lauper that has never really gone away. I guess one of the key reasons I adored this concert so much was that it is a true amalgamation of pop and rock.

While no one could argue about Cyndi being a pop star, it wasn't as much common knowledge that she brought a rock energy and attitude to her music which came out most prominently in a live context. This concert perfectly illustrates this, with Lauper giving a fully committed performance at all times. I don't think it's any exaggeration to say that she is one of the most supreme live performers out there, with an incredible stage presence. Most in the public knew her as an eccentric character, with a colourful personality; if you saw any of her multitude of chat-show appearances you would be left in no doubt that this was a girl with an abundance of charisma and humour, so much so that she could easily have had a second career as a comedienne. I think though that this very image was one of the reasons that many people underestimated her, they thought she was funny and cute so assumed she must be light-weight when the truth is that she was in possession of one of the best voices of the rock era, she effortlessly moved between rockers, new wave pop and ballads.

Unlike many, she delivered these with genuine convincing emotion, as well as attitude. Aside from this, she truly did things her way and skipped exclusively to her own beat both in terms of her music and also her quirky fashion sense. Which brings me back to Live in Paris. I think looking back on it, this is probably the single best place to experience Cyndi for a new-comer.


The 'True Colors Tour' was ideal in the sense that the concentration was on her two first (and best) albums, so we get a set-list of really great songs. And for an artist with a very flamboyant image, it's interesting to note that this is a show with no gimmicks, it's just Cyndi and her excellent backing group. Which of course is all that is needed. Lauper is a genuinely mesmerising singer and she delivers these songs extraordinarily well, which is especially impressive given her energetic physical performance. It really is all or nothing stuff and the band are tight, exciting and very much on the money; their contribution should never be underestimated.