Currency Converter Web Service Example

Allowed Back in History: 1 Year(s) More About Foreign Exchange API Free Currency Converter API started in year 2014, it's now 2018 and we're up ever since. It offers free web services for developers to convert one currency to another. You are free to use this for personal or commercial application however it offers no warranty (See license below for more information). Currency values are updated every 30 minutes. If you need a realtime web service or a service that updates more frequently, you may checkout the premium service.

  1. Currency Converter Web Service

Currency Converter Web Service

Convert queries accepts a maximum of 2 conversion parameters to avoid abuse of the service and to help maintain the health of the web services. If you need more than the limit or if you need a large amount of requests, you may for more information or check the faster and production-ready server. This site is powered by coffee. Finance awareness website. Please, please, please do not abuse the free service as many other people are using it (see of using the free service). Be considerate or you will be blacklisted from the free service. Please consider the premium service at if you need many requests in an hour.

GeoPlugin s currency converter is a free. You can change this by tagging the variable base_currency=XXX to the web service call. Some real-world examples.

The limit for this service is 100 per hour. Drivers for havit pc camera 2015. Do you use this service? About it and I might feature it here! License I don't know how to license web services, so below is the closest terms I could think of. In short, this service is free even for commercial use. Using the services here will cost you nothing, $0; it is free as in beer!

Currency web service

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. Introduction Many years, especially during international trips, I have used the Yahoo! Finance portal to get fresh foreign exchange rates for my expense reports. I found this site quite useful, especially because the information is free, even though a little bit delayed, but good enough for such goals. Unfortunately, the Yahoo!

Site doesn't have a version formatted to fit the small screens of mobile devices. That's why I decided to create.NET components that are reusable in WinForms, ASP.NET, and the Compact Framework to cover all my needs. Parsing HTML code is not a trivial task because it doesn't have a strong formatting as XML does. Again, fortunately, Yahoo! Duplicates results as a comma-delimited file which is more easy to parse. So, let's look at the code closely.

Walk through the classes. Pete 27-Nov-11 5:22 27-Nov-11 5:22 Thank you for this very nice class. Do you know how I could use this class and then display my converted values using the CultureInfo class? The 3 letter CurrencyList.Codes don't match the Application Culture Windows Name.

Example Russian Ruble - The Zayko code is RUB and the Windows Name is RUS. I would like to add to the static CurrencyList to include the Windows 3 letter name. This way I can get the conversion rate and display my converted value in the correct format using the Culture Information class.


Is there another way to do this that I don't know of? Regards, Dave Peterson.