Charles Mingus Ah Um Rar

Mingus Ah Um Item Preview. By Charles Mingus. Eye 817 favorite 0 comment 0. Cover Art Archive. Mingus Ah Um. Apr 7, 2015 04/15. “Mingus Ah Um”—Charles Mingus (1959) Added to the National Registry: 2003. Essay by John F. Goodman (guest post)* Original album Original label Charles Mingus.

The Quintet

I learned about jazz from listening to a borrowed Weather Report Heavy Weather album and a borrowed Pat Metheny Watercolors album decades ago. I still think both albums are great. From those two albums I listened to just about every type of jazz album I could get my hands on and in the process got to know a fair bit about the genre. Most of the stuff I've listened to over years was pretty interesting. Charles Mingus had a lengthy career that saw him as one of the premier double bass players in jazz for decades.

This album is a hard one to listen to even if you are familiar with the idiosyncrasies of modern jazz. Its very lengthy even for a jazz album for its time period-1959-which can be hard on listeners. I found myself growing tired of it near the end. At 13 tracks in length it comes in at over 70 minutes long-or about 20 minutes longer than most peoples tolerance level for a pure jazz album-or for any kind of an album for that matter. If someone is new to jazz I wouldn't recommend that this be the album they try listening to first. I would only recommend this album for people who have already listened to a fair bit of jazz.

Charles Mingus Ah Um RarRar

Debut Records

Personally I think that a Miles Davis album is the better jazz listening experience. I feel I need to comment on this because I have no info about this Mispress at all. I bought the album brand new for $11 Canadian, put it my stereo and already I noticed something was wrong as my stereo read only 4 tracks. I took out the disc, thinking they packaged the wrong one, and when I looked at it it had all the 'Mingus Ah Um' info on the disc face. Even the CAT # was what it should be. I then put it back in the stereo to find out what was on it and wow, it was the tracks from Herbie Hancock's classic 'Head Hunters'.

Teddy Charles Quartet

Needless to say I find it pretty odd and I'm curious how many of these are out there because being on CD I'd image there's a lot as pressing plants usually do runs of about 2000-5000 at a time for a classic like this. Because it was so cheap I just decided to keep it and bought the brand new 180 gram vinyl version that just came out in 2008. Now I can listen to this classic in peace!