Chao Hacking

Sword of chaos is a new mobile action game, that was developed by MMORPG, that gives you the opportunity to interact with players in a world of chaotic violence.

There are lots of chaos' in sonic adventure DX. To get the golden egg go to the rock egg. (next to the door that you enter first as knuckles.) then carry it to the antique store and replace it with the egg. Then carry it to a chao garden. To get the black egg.

Go to the prison in the egg carrior as E-102' and push the switch next to the second jail cell and take it to a chao garden. And the silver chao egg. Go to the waterfall next to the mist in mystic ruins then go right and push the thing in and it will fall in the water. From josh silveous.


Easy, first try taking the chao fruit and your chao evolves into a clear chao, or try buying a clear egg at the black market.   you cant get a clear egg   X   N o offense, but the answer up there is totally wrong. My chao in SADX is green tinted, but otherwise see through. So far, the only way to get a clear or tinted color chao is to breed.

So in my case,   Shiny White Chao + Normal Chao = See through tinted green chao.     So try all sorts of different combos! You'll eventually get it! The Tails Chao character can only be obtained on the GameCube  version of the Sonic Adventure DX game. In the Phantasy Star Online  quest called 'The Fake in Yellow' do not immediately pick up your  Meseta from the counter.


Instead, take the telepipe back to the  surface of Ragol. After materializing in the Forest, walk in the  direction of the waterfalls and a Chao will appear and begin  telling you a story.

Sonic Adventure Dx Chao Hacking

Adobe acrobat 8 crack. It will give you a key item called a 'Tiny  Chao's Garden,' and you should take it to a Game Boy Advance  Machine that is now sitting outside of the Hunter's Guild. Then,  simply follow the instructions given to receive your Chao. Things you need: Sonic Adventure DX Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Sonic Advance 1 or 2 Gamecube to Gameboy Advance Cable Action Replay 1.

Put the Chao you want to be t he Moon Chao in slot 1 of your Normal Garden on your Slot A Memory Card (Use MOVE in your Chao Transporter if you need to) 2. Turn on the Action Replay and start the game with this code active Chao Color Is Moon MZ4Q-6GNY-8M24D UUH7-P89F-K2602 50HT-9VPJ-XT6G9 3. Go to the Chao Garden and go to the Normal Garden. Save, Poweroff and Restart (NOTICE: If you do not Poweroff and Restart other Chao in your garden will be affected by this code) 4. Go back to the Chao Garden and take the Moon Chao and put him in the Chao Transporter 5. Power up your Sonic Advance game and go to the Tiny Chao Garden 6.

Connect your Gameboy to the Gamecube using the special cord 7. Put your Moon Chao into the Tiny Chao Garden. If your already have a Chao in there, take him out 8. Start up Sonic Adventure DX, and go to the Chao Garden 9.


Chao Hacking

Go to the Chao Transporter and take the Moon Chao out into the Sonic DX game Congratulations! You have a Moon Chao in Sonic Adventure DX!!! You need to get a few small bird animals in the stages then bring them to your chao try to find the small blue bird it's the best one for your chao. Give your chao many bird a nimals eventually it will level in flying you need to keep doing that until the Experience total reaches above 500 or so.

Now it's time to test it out you can do this two ways: Go to the station square chao garden unless your already there and place your chao above the steps near the big GBA watch your chao jump off the stairs if you got it's flying high enough it should start flying! Also you can try placing it in the Amethyst race and see if it flys at any of the flying parts i believe there's only one so maybe you will get lucky.