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Prakriti, a young girl of the “untouchable” caste, or the Chandalis, is shunned by those around her becau se of society’s terrible practice of oppressing a sector of its own people due to perceived inferiority. A wandering Buddhist monk asks Prakriti, or “Chandalika,” for some water. Chandalika initially refuses, stating that society forbids a higher individual such as the monk to interact with an untouchable. The Monk, Ananda, persuades Chandalika to give him water by teaching her that all human beings are equal in the eyes of god.

A Brahmo-Hindu Rabindranath Tagore had a lasting regard for the Buddha. Chandalika is a dramatic expression of this ideology. YUVA BHARATHI PRESENTS CHANDALIKA A Kuchipudi Dance Drama Based on the Original Work of Rabindranath Tagore Chandalika is a dance-drama written by Tagore in 1938.


Ananda then continues on his way, but Chandalika has fallen in love with him. She begs her mother to use her magical powers to bring this marvelous being to her. When he returns by the power of magic, shamed and degraded, Chandalika realizes that she has done him great harm and asks for forgiveness. ACT-1: Invocation: A dance in praise of Rabindranath Tagore’s Chandalika, Kuchipudi art, and the members of the orchestra. Chand alika aw akens early in the morning and tends to her chores. She hears the call of flow er sellers in the market and goes in search of them.

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When Chandalika approaches them, high cast women intervene and forbid the flower sellers to sell to her, an Untouchable girl, Similarly, Chanda lika is shunned w hile trying to buy milk from the milkmaids and bangles from the bangle sellers. Chanda lika is at first bew ildered and hurt, Then becomes filled with fury and rages at the injustice and oppression committed by society.

A weary Buddhist monk, Ananda, enters and sks Chandalika for some water to quench his thirst. Legend has it that the monk was Ananda, The principal disciple of the great Buddha himself, the Enlightened One.

Chandalika refuses initially to serve Ananda, saying her low Chandala Cast forbids her from serving someone as fortunate and blessed as he. To her surprise, he rejects this explanation, saying that all human beings are created equal in the eyes of the God. He calmly asks her to judge herself by her own standards rather than the artificial standards of an unjust society. These were revolutionary wards to Chandalika, yet they articulated the same feelings churning within her heart. Entranced by these words, she serves him w ater from the w ell.

Ananda proceeds on his journey, and C handalika is at first unw illing to accept that her encounte r w ith the monk w as real. S eeing the water bucket placed in a different location, near where thought she had seen the monk, convinces her that the conversation with Ananda had been real. Chandalika filled with a sense of renewed life, freedom, and joy, dances in ecstasy.

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