California Smog License Practice Test

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  1. California Smog License Application

May 02, 2011 What should i study for Smog Check Technician Licensing Exam to. NEPA the practice questions in the back. California Smog Check License.

Application assistance value added services are designed to better prepare you and help save you time for many DMV-related services. They provide personalized information, customer support, additional vehicle related products and where possible, document preparation. The information on this site is not guaranteed to be correct, complete or up-to-date. Emissions Testing The state of California takes smog and emissions testing very seriously.

California Smog License Application

In fact, the state will actually send their drivers a notice as to whether or not they are required to get their vehicle “smogged.” Furthermore, these renewal notices will alert you as to whether or not your car needs a smog check at one of their test-only stations. There are some exceptions to the testing, however.


For example, vehicles that are 6 years old or younger do not require smog testing. All you have to do is pay the $20 smog abatement fee every year in order to avoid the screening process. In addition, motorcycles, trailers, hybrids and more are all exceptions to the smog testing requirements. To read more about smog testing on your CA vehicle.