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Medical Parasitology Authors: Dr C P Baveja, Dr. Baveja This book has been written to present the essential information on parasites and parasitic disease, their laboratory diagnosis and recent advances. The text has been presented in a simple and lucid language. Real colour plates/diagrams have been given at appropriate places. Life-cycles of parasites have been explained with the help of flow diagrams for recapitulation. Important aspects about parasites have been summarized in the appendices.

A chapter on “Opportunistic Parasitic Infections” has been included for better understanding of these parasites in immunocompromised patients. “Key Points” and “Multiple Choice Questions” have been incorporated for quick understanding of the chapter.

To make learning easier, well-labelled diagrams and tables have been furnished at appropriate places. ISBN number: 9-381-8 Edition: 4th Arya Publishing Company Price: INR 340. Dr C P Baveja: Director Professor and Head, Department of Microbiology, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. He has been teaching microbiology for the last twenty five years. He was awarded Gold medal during his post-graduation and honoured with the Best Medical Educationist award during the year 2000. He was awarded an International Fellowship at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School (RPMS) and Hammersmith Hospital, London (U.K.).

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He was also invited to participate in the international conferences at Gothenburg; Sweden, Geneva, Switzerland, Bangkok and Thailand for presentation of his scientific research work. Baveja: Formerly at B. Medical College and N.

Wadia Hospital, Pune.


While medical and hygienic developments have driven down the mortality rates of infectious diseases, pathogenic microorganisms are still a major factor in everyday clinical practice. They are still the most frequent cause of death in Third World countries. New and incurable infectious diseases are a worldwide problem. It is inescapable, therefore, that modern medicine must redouble its efforts to understand the relationship between microorganisms and humans and continue to lead the search for new therapies. The following five subject areas are covered:. Immunology. Bacteriology.


Mycology. Virology. Parasitology This book provides a clearly focused and richly detailed review of the entire field of medical microbiology.

It is both a textbook for students of medicine and dentistry and a useful companion for medical technicians and laboratory assistants, both at school and in the laboratory. It will also serve as a handy work of reference for clinical practitioners. The book is structured with teachability in mind: The many color illustrations and microscopic images render complex themes readily accessible. Summaries at the beginning of every chapter, a color-coded reference guide and detailed diagnostic tables make this an excellent sourcebook for rapid learning and quick reference. A list of important internet addresses in the appendix will help the book's users keep abreast of cutting-edge research.