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The Boy In The Iceberg/The Avatar Returns I put these two together because they are pretty much the same episode and all i have to say is this. While not enough to show just how great this show is Which is understandable as this is only the first two episodes But THIS is how you open a new series:You introduce the main characters You establish their initial personalities and show us the environment the characters live in, The villain is introduced, there’s some comic relief and the second half introduces the action and shows us how some of the characters prefer to fight and what abilities they possess so far. Moving onto the story which quickly establishes this is set in a world with four separate nations:The Air Nomads, The Earth Kingdom, The Water Tribes and The Fire Nation in each of these nations there are people who possess the ability to control their natural element. Then for currently unknown reasons The Fire Nation began waging war upon the other nations starting a Hundred Year War.

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You may now do the thing! JAMES BLINDLY REACTS TO AVATAR: EPISODE 1 Hey there, I’m but you can call me James, if you like. I spend a lot of time on where I sometimes say a thing that people find funny. Anyway, my friend has been recommending Avatar to me, and totally I’m going to do blind reactions to the show in the form of text, totally NOT ripped off from people over on the SU sub Please note that this is the first I've ever seen of the show. I don't know any of the characters or any of the plot details. No spoilers, please.

And excuse the low quality images. Let’s do this! EPISODE 1: THE BOY IN THE ICEBERG. OK, so there are like 4 elements here, including Air. Considering the title has “airbender” in it I assume there’s a bender for each element? Though the idea of the “last” airbender would imply that benders are a race. Nice mountains.

So the Avatar kept balance? I guess the one in the title is a new one?

We’re referring to him in the past tense so maybe. So do only Avatars have the ability to bend all four elements or do you become an Avatar upon bending all four elements?.

He vanished? That’s unfortunate. Oh, so the war’s still happening. That’s unfortunate. I mean the Avatar kind of has to return since he’s in the title. Wait, what did he say her name was? Sounded like Katana to me.

NO KATANA DON’T PUT YOUR HAND IN YOU’LL GET HYPOTHERMIA OR SOMETHING. (yes I know her name isn’t actually Katana but until I’m corrected that’s what I’m going to call her).

I guess my headphones are crap or Mr. Sock Puppet needs to speak up since I didn’t catch what he was saying. Dude, she had a fish! Stop being salty.

Yeah, call him out on it! How many fish did he catch?. GODDAMMIT SOCK PUPPET. No offense, Katana, but couldn’t you help him row? Or do you want him to drown or something. I mean I do too (I’m joking, he’ll probably grow on me.). “Watch out!” HE ALREADY HIT THE ICEBERG THINGIE WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT.

Well, they’ve all drowned, hope you enjoyed this reaction, too bad this series was so short BYE. You were complaining just a minute ago!. Also, Sock Puppet, you can’t just say that stuff if you don’t want to drown. That’s a mighty fine bunch of info we just dropped.

Sock Puppet and Katana are related, their mom is dead, and Sock Puppet is an imbecile, which is not new territory. Oh, Katara? Is that her name?. Dearie me. What a pickle we’re in. Didn’t realize icebergs were that active. I really like how all this looks.

Avatar The Last Airbender

Katara, you’re not going to make much prog-. Never mind. That grandpa just doesn’t care. Wait, no, I guess him is Arrowboy(?). So the guy with the bruised eye is called Zuko. Just have some tea, dude. You’re clearly generally angry.

Yeah I had a feeling it was the Avatar. Grandpa Zuko doesn’t seem very thrilled. Wait never mind he fell over. Sock Puppet, you can’t just do that!. “I need to ask you something please, come closer.” Smooth moves. Oh, he’s a little kid. This is going to be fun.

Also, penguin sitting? Looking after penguins or using them as chairs?. I need framed. Actually, I need framed. That was pretty funny, Sock Puppet, I’ll give you that. Also, his name is Oppa(?). I guess it was made for him?


They share the same head pattern so maybe. But how is he familiar with it if he’s been encased in ice?. That was one hell of a sneeze. I already love you. Thanks, Sock Puppet. Wait, what’s up with being an airbender?

Avatar The Last Airbender Episode 1 Reaction

He’s the last one, isn’t he?. Now I feel like my genocide joke was in even worse taste.

Just going to let this run for a few mins without commentary, since I’m a bit behind. I’ve been told about Zuko’s honour boner. Oh dear, that is one hell of a dream.

Is Aang turning super saiyan? THAT’S UNFORTUNATE. So he’s a human wind waker. Much wisdom. Very much wisdom.

Oh god, there’s four people on this ship! What will we do!. Grandpa Zuko needs to be more subtle. Sock Puppet, stop making kids into soldiers! You’re not Pearl. SOCK PUPPET WHY ARE YOU SO SALTY YOU’RE NOT PEARL.

Same, Aang. I’d kill for a penguin.

Avatar The Last Airbender Episode 1 Gogoanime

Aang is my son. I’m only one episode in and I’ve already adopted this kid.

Yes, Katara. Teach the boy about penguins. Aang is dead. I WANT TO RIDE A PENGUIN LET ME RIDE A PENGUIN. This is so cute I love it. Actually, makes sense that it’s a fire nation ship, looks like the one Zuko was on.

Very creepy. Those are a lot of weapons. Oh, so Aang’s 12. Clever way to reveal his age there, writers.

Aang, you are a ray of sunshine. Oh, it’s a firework?. Who’s watching them here? I assume it’s Sock Puppet via the watchtower.

He’s a real strong kid. Oh, it’s Zuko. I guess maybe the firework alerted them?

It is a Fire Nation ship after all. Well, crap. That doesn’t seem very good. TO BE CONTINUED? AAAAGH.

Closing Thoughts This was a real good first episode. I really enjoyed it; the characters are cool, the art style is cool and everything’s very interesting. I’m excited to see where this goes. I won’t be able to do a second one right now but I’ll do one later. Expect to see it in 4-8 hours. (This took 2-4 hours to make, depending on life.) Anyway, please let me know what you think of this!

Please avoid spoiling anything about the show; this is a blind reaction. See ya next time!