Age Of Mythology 1.07 Patch

Apply the official Age of Mythology v1.07 Patch. Replace the original AOM.EXE file with the one from the File Archive. Apply the official Age of Mythology v1.1 Patch.

Game Release Date: USA: October/30/2002. Euro: November/11/2002 Game Developer: Ensemble Studios Game Publisher: Microsoft Game Description: Age of Mythology preserves the familiar elements popular in previous Age of Empires games. Wonders, civilization bonuses, technology trees, resource gathering, empire building, and large armies clashing on fields of battle are all at the heart of the game. At the same time, a number of entirely new gameplay features are introduced, making for a fresh, original experience: God Powers - These rare and powerful gifts grant players the powers of the gods several times during each game. Mythological Units - Each with their own special ability, these scarce units can be added to a player's armies to change the character of the fighting force. Multiple Ways To Advance Ages - Players now get to choose different ways to advance though the ages, each providing a different set of bonuses.

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Ensemble Studios

Highly Differentiated Civilizations - Age of Mythology builds on the civilization differentiation featured in Age of Kings and features civilizations that play dramatically different from one another. Today's Wackiest Video. Cheats Press Enter during game play and type one of the following and press Enter again (these cheats are case sensitive): GOATUNHEIM - Get goat god power WUV WOO - Flying purple hippo I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!!! Info - Enables the command console - Change player colors. Disables intro cinematics - Enables all 7 default menu backgrounds - Adds 11 new relic skins. Enables the rotation of buildings before placing them - Increased camera zoom - Enables custom resolutions to fit huge or wide screens - Removes Ensemble logo and cursor from screenshots - A unit's lifebar appears when it is being attacked - Advanced military drag select options - Additional in-game hotkeys to toggle Building Auto-Queues, Friend or Foe Colors, Unit Obscuring Effect, Camera Rotation, and Display Footprints - Additional Scenario Editor hotkeys to toggle fog, blackmap, and adjust the pitch/roll of objects - Set your own IP address for multiplayer LAN/Direct IP games.